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The New Age Clip-Art Collection


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New Age Clip-Art
Many collections available: Angels, Fairies, Metaphysical, Suns & Moons, Hindu, Egyptian, Tibetan, Wiccan, Goddess, Mythology, etc., plus many Victorian and Vintage collections.
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Over 400 images. This collection includes such images as: meditation, yoga, astrology, Buddha, reincarnation, goddess, the chakras, psychic powers, crystals & crystal balls, birthstones, astral projection, lucid dreaming, telepathy, tarot, I Ching, palmistry, gypsies, stonehenge, aliens, zodiac, zen, AUM / OM symbols, various other metaphysical symbols, and much more.

You can use these images for your business to enhance your web site, to use on shipping labels, envelops, newsletters, catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, advertising & promotional materials (such as signs, banners, etc.), product packaging, album covers, CD & DVD labels, software labels, scrapbooking, decoupage, mixed media art, embroidery, and other crafts.

Here are a few samples (images have been reduced; you will get the larger images):

new age illustration samples

new age art samples


  • Over 400 images.
  • Popular JPG format.
  • Color & Black-and-White
  • Available for both Windows and Macintosh computers.
  • Only $9.98
  • Download it now, or have it shipped to you on CD.
  • Important reminder: If you use the "New Age Clip-Art Collection" for your business (for your shipping labels, brochures, etc.), the $9.98 is tax-deductable!

The "New Age Clip-Art Collection" is not available anywhere else.

OPTION #1: Order Now $9.98 (Download)

OPTION #2: Order Now $14.98 (CD)

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